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Hand-Painted Wine Glass SET with Rhinestones, STEM and STEMLESS SET

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Capture both worlds of Stem and Stemless Exquisite Hand-Painted wine glasses with our Set.  Set includes One 20oz STEM and One 20.5 oz STEMLESS.

Our Exquisite Artisanal Hand-Painted Wine Glasses, each a unique masterpiece adorned with vibrant abstract designs and sparkling rhinestones for an added touch of elegance. Crafted by skilled artisans, no two glasses are alike, making each a fabulous, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Available in both stem and stemless varieties, these glasses are perfect for enjoying your preferred wine in style. Ideal as a standout gift or a personal treasure, these glasses blend artistic beauty with functionality, ensuring a luxurious wine experience. Elevate your collection with these breathtaking, handcrafted creations.


Perfect as a distinctive gift or a special addition to your own collection, these hand-painted glasses blend artistic beauty with practical elegance, making every sip a memorable affair. Elevate your wine enjoyment with these exquisite, artisan-crafted glasses. Our Hand-Painted Wine Glasses merge artistry with functionality, offering an unmatched, stylish way to enjoy your favorite wines and beverages.

Available in 20oz Stem Wine Glass & 20.5oz Stemless Wine Glass

Made to go with any wine white or red, liquor, water or juice, or your favorite soft drink.

To preserve its beautiful designs, you want to treat hand-painted glassware with special care.

  1. Hand-wash gently with warm water. Dishwashers are too rough for the hand-painted design. Do not soak in water.
  2. Removing Stubborn Stains.   Any wine residue can be dissolved using white vinegar. Allow enough time for the vinegar to dissolve the stains, and then rinse the glass with lukewarm water.

Allow 3 days for orders to be full-fill and shipped. All Glasses are Hand-Painted once order is placed.